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To understand the evolution of Peak BI you have to start with its founder David Malseed and his journey.

With a $2,000 loan from his father in-law David started his first company in 2005 in Detroit Michigan. It was a direct sales company dealing with printing and designing for small businesses. After a grueling season of cold calling and soliciting work David had cut his teeth on grass roots marketing and business structure. Back in 2005 websites and social media were just starting to form so the majority of the work was building relationships face to face. 

From Detroit David moved to Dayton, Ohio to purchase a Two Men and a Truck franchise and form Malseed Investments, LLC. He was involved with the franchise system for 8 years and during that time witnessed a moving company turn into a software company. By the time he sold his franchise in 2015 the franchise system had built an impressive BI and CRM platform to monitor pretty much everything. 

After the sale of his franchise David continued with his LLC Malseed Investments and started to support other fellow entrepreneurs. He has worked with big tech startups, small artistic businesses, and everything in between. He's had great partnerships and has learned a ton from 2005 to the present day. 

The problem that David is solving is helping small and medium businesses  improve operations and capture more opportunity by leveraging Zoho software. Being a small business owner and franchisee David has learned the importance of structure and measuring everything that you expect to get a result from. How we measure results and the information available is the life blood of a company. We now all have available interactive software that are powered by the same algorithms that the largest companies in the world are using.

David and his team are passionate learners of the new technology that will advance businesses. Let us learn with you and help you view your business through a new light.  

Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make [a] difference.
— Mike Schmoker, Author