Software that helps run your company

Zoho Deployment and Custom Builds




  • Custom software solutions for you and your team

  • Bi-weekly meetings to insure target goals are being met

  • Continuous updates to the software for relevancy

  • Improved document sharing and Data management.

  • Business Intelligence trends implemented into your company.

  • Guarantee of improved profits and revenue

  • Improved Marketing spend

  • And Much More!


What to expect

Phase 1

We will have an initial consultation to view the current landscape of your organization. We will look at what you're currently doing really well and what areas need a new layer of control. We will talk about any problems that you currently see and would like corrected with your new system. A log of what will be built by us to improve performance will be provided. 

phase 2

We begin to tie your company data sources into the system. This will include everything from your proprietary software to your Facebook page. During this stage we will prepare your data for analytics and also complete your custom build. This may take a few days to a few months depending on the complexity of the project. During this process we will "launch" certain components of the software as they're made available. 

Phase 3

We officially launch your CRM and other software. Depending on the size and complexity we will train your team on how to use the product. 

phase 4 and beyond

We provide on going training and technical support. 


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