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Resources and Training 


sometimes we just need someone to point us in the right direction



Resources and Training

  • One to two hours spent discussing your company goals and how you would like to use Zoho.

  • A group weekly training webinar that anyone on your team can join. (A Zoho consultant will stay on the call until all questions are answered, even if that means all day.)

  • White-papers and instructional documents

  • On-going support

  • All of this provided for you at no cost through Zoho’s corporate partner program.

  • A community of other users that you can get ideas from.


From one of our customers-

Peak BI has proven to be a valuable business partner on several initiatives and product launches that my team has developed. They have great business acumen and solid, practical knowledge of business plans, strategic planning, and marketing. Peak BI is a valuable asset that business owners and leaders would benefit from partnering with.
— Chris McClure Lead Life Big

Receive Training Now



You will have an in-depth one on one conversation about your goals for Zoho. After the meeting you will be equipped with a strong direction and included into our weekly training webinars. All of this is provided for you from Zoho corporation through their partner program.